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“erasures”— another poem from my Ismaelillo series

One of my Ismaelillo series poems –“erasures“– is up at The Honest Ulsterman today (February 28). Created by the late poet James Simmons in 1968, The HU is one of the long-running & “most widely read little magazines of its type in Ireland and probably in the English speaking world.” I’m truly honoured & humbled to have been entrusted with the opportunity to contribute to such an esteemed literary journal with a long trajectory! My heartfelt thanks to The HU & its editors!
erasures“– another persona poem– is a part of a work I’m recently developing that alludes to & plays on José Martí‘s first collection of poetry Ismaelillo (1882). Written in exile (Caracas & New York) & dedicated to his absent three-year-old son José Francisco Martí Zayas Bazán, Ismaelillo can be considered as a figure of longing for absence that brilliantly exemplifies the osmosis of the personal and the political. In my donning of the mask of José Martí, Ismaelillo is not a little boy seen as a knight whose role is to serve as a solace to the personal & political nightmares that “daunt” his father (“espantado de todo”), rather in the light of History (of Havana), he has to become a jazz musician!

Here’s the link to the poem: erasures

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Epiphanies & Late Realizations of Love Anthology

Really honoured to be included in this fabulous anthology! Song & the bottom of the root featured in this collection is a rare poem of mine that I somehow still don’t dislike. My sincere thanks to Claudine Nash & Transcendent Zero Press for such honour! If you are inclined, here’s the Amazon link : Epiphanies & Late Realizations of Love

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2 poems playing on Ismaelillo

Stoked to be included in the inaugural issue of January Review Journal (January 30, 2019). My sincere thanks to poet & editor Simon Anton Diego Baena for giving two of my poems such a fine home! “Ismaelillo what is blue to such ephemera” & “what survives”, these (persona) poems are part of a work I’m developing that alludes to & plays on Jose Marti’s first collection of poems Ismaelillo (1882). Written in exile Ismaelillo was dedicated to his then three-year old son.

Read these 2 poems: here

Thanks everyone & enjoy the issue!

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lament for autumn

A new poem “lament for autumn” is up at Duane’s PoeTree (December 2, 2018). I wrote this poem in memory of Jay Zimmerman, a poet & artist friend of mine who died of cancer a few months back. Duane Voehees is an exemplary editor who never ceases to surprise me. This time he not only published my poem, but searched for Jay’s work and published his painting & poem to accompany my work. I can’t thank him enough for appreciating this special poem. After writing this poem I found out that Felino A. Soriano, another amazing poet lost his battle against cancer. I am also remembering him with this poem.

Click here to read : lament for autumn

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Interview at Erbacce Journal

I’m honored & deeply grateful to be the featured poet in Erbacce Journal (issue 55)! An interview followed by seven of my poems! My sincere thanks to Alan Corkish & Andrew Taylor at Erbacce Press! And my special thanks to Matt Duggan, the winner of the Erbacce Prize for Poetry (2015) for interviewing me. Matt is a fine poet & if you are not already familiar with his poetry, please dig his work. Below you will find his bio & book links.

Click here to read the interview : interview_erbacce

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Matt Duggan : Bio

Born 1971, Bristol, U.K.

Poems have appeared in A Restricted View from Under the Hedge, Osiris Poetry Journal, The Journal, Into the Void, Ghost City Review, and many more…his frst full collection Dystopia 38.10 won the Erbacce Prize for poetry in 2015, his poem ‘ Elegy for Magdalene’ won the Into the Void Poetry Prize in 2016, Matt became a core member at erbacce – press in 2017, and has had two  new chapbooks published in 2018 One Million Tiny Cuts and A Season in Another World, he has read his work in Italy, Greece, U.K., New York, Boston, and Philly, his second full collection Woodworm is due to be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in March 2019, Matt is currently working on a new collection of poems titled ‘ Under the Moon and Beneath the Earth ( Thirty- Two Deconstructed  Sonnets on Love, Death and Propaganda).

A Season in Another World : Matt Duggan

Thirty West Publishing House

36 pages perfect bound  Issue #55 The Journal

Sam Smith – Editor    Rating 5/5

First impressions are of a lovingly produced pamphlet, textured paper, though given to its design; poems I assumed, given the title and where published, would be of Matt’s US reading trip. Not so, these are of many places and mental inscapes. Homogenous, the very first poem, is enough in itself to justify Matt calling himself a poet. He is so entitled. And so many lines here begging to be quoted. But until you come by this pamphlet you will have to make do with this last stanza from Venice at Night – ‘ I am that stranger pacing the slurps pf San Marco:/ the eye bestriding a black ripple of canals,/ where one short wave can resemble the whiteness in bones.’ I tell myself to obey my own paragraph strictures. But if there’s a better poem anywhere on domestic abuse than Watching Cobwebs on Skirting Boards One Friday Night tell me.

Signed Copies are Available £10.00 plus 1.20 P&P/ £3.00

Dystopia 38.10 : Matt Duggan :

Winner of the Erbacce Prize for Poetry 2015

Erbacce Press

128 pages perfect bound

Signed Copies are Available

Via Paypal

£12.00 plus £1.20 P&P

£3.00 P&P Outside of the U.K.

Maria Castro Dominguez

Poet and Author

Rating 5/5 –

Dystopia 38.10 comprises a balanced innovative collection of ground-breaking poetry. It is a poetic dystopia divided into four zones, city life, private life, the life of things, and inner life all blended together. The poetic voice like all good art provokes defamiliarization or ostranenie with a multitude of poetic devices, such as alliteration, repetition, half-rhymes, and enjambments. Also it has something of the confessional poetic strand that Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath propagated. It awakens us from a comatose and complacent state and thrusts us out of the cement of our comfort zone, right from first line.
Matt Duggan, the author of this engaging collection, is a poetry activist who swerves our emotions, twists and tangles our feelings, making us see anew. With his antithetical language, his satire, his thudding rhythm, his novel use of words we are helplessly under his spell. Dystopia 38.10 is also imbued with poignant humanity and love for everything human. Despite the dystopian connotations, we feel that its poems take us through urban and suburban landscapes with a voice that both consoles and inspires change.

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to see past the belly or Yemen, by Debasis Mukhopadhyay | I am not a silent poet

(for Antony Owen) bones roll emptily in failed bodies the puddle of skies so brilliant likeness of mouths fractured into the musk of food each air strike spangles eyes in every crevice millions across someone’s piano millions across your poem millions across my untitled sketches of babies so brilliant to scavenge their own deaths
— Read on

to see past the belly or Yemen

Thanks Reuben Woolley for featuring this poem today on I am not silent poet (October 26, 2018).

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Today I woke up to a nice surprise: I appear as a featured poet on G Jamie Dedes’ site The Poet by Day, an amazing information hub for poets & writers. It was not enough for her to feature just three of my poems! She almost staged my whole WordPress site, showcasing my bio, photo, academic work reference & my chapbook & other poems’ links! Bloody! Who does that? She has been extremely supportive of my work all through, I can’t thank her enough. But this ain’t no surprise, those who know Jamie know she’s doing a great job not only for the literary community but for social justice, sustainability and peace! Cheers Jamie!

Here’s the link : Three

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