Published poems

memoir of a neigh

Really delighted and honored to have three of my poems accepted for publication in Stride magazine (UK). These three pieces, “for son that i’m“, “memoir of a neigh” & “to holy the light” are part of a work I’m recently developing that gravitates to José Martí‘s first collection of poetry Ismaelillo (1882). Written in exile (Caracas & New York) & dedicated to his absent three-year-old son José Francisco Martí Zayas Bazán, Ismaelillo can be considered as a figure of longing for absence that brilliantly exemplifies the osmosis of the personal and the political. By donning the mask of Martí, I don’t know yet what I’m exactly digging for in this project. For now, it seems the distillation of the thick imagery of Martí’s legendary death & his own obsession with death is resulting in expanding concentric circles in my work! My sincere thanks to editor Rupert Loydell for giving these persona poems a fine home! They are scheduled to appear on May 21, 22 & 23, 2019!

Click here to read: memoir of a neigh

Thanks everyone!

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