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Today I woke up to a nice surprise: I appear as a featured poet on G Jamie Dedes’ site The Poet by Day, an amazing information hub for poets & writers. It was not enough for her to feature just three of my poems! She almost staged my whole WordPress site, showcasing my bio, photo, academic work reference & my chapbook & other poems’ links! Bloody! Who does that? She has been extremely supportive of my work all through, I can’t thank her enough. But this ain’t no surprise, those who know Jamie know she’s doing a great job not only for the literary community but for social justice, sustainability and peace! Cheers Jamie!

Here’s the link : Three

Thanks everyone!



Excited to have a poem accepted at strange POEtry, an UK based magazine whose slogan is the following : “There’s no exquisite beauty, without some strangeness in the proportion”. The letter says : “Dear Debasis, This is exactly the kind of strange we are looking for. We would love to publish your poem ‘the nodes of the maid of the mist’ on our site. Thank you for becoming a ‘Strange Poet’ – officially at least!…”
You all always knew I was one,  didn’t you? Now I have earned an official batch too! A big thank you to Stephen Daniels, who is also the editor of another amazing venue called Amaryllis Poetry, for this honor. My poem will be up on June 3, 2017.

On another note, my chapbook kyrie eleison or all robins taken out of context will be available for preorder from Finishing Line Press on May 9th & the official release date is set for September 1, 2017. More info soon.  Thanks !


Interview with Reuben Woolley by Antony Owen

Interview with Reuben Woolley by Antony Owen.
Thank you Reuben Woolley!

I am not a silent poet

Hey Reuben, so tell me a little about IANASP and why people should read it?

I am not a silent poet started at the end of November 2014. I was at a point where I was getting very angry and depressed about the number of Facebook posts and Tweets about different kinds of abuse all over the world: gender abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, female genital mutilation, abuse of the disabled, the bombings in Gaza, Syria and many other places leading to the huge numbers of refugees trying to enter Europe with many drowning on the way in the Mediterranean, the mistreatment and killing of blacks in the USA, austerity imposed by the Conservative party in the UK and its terrible effects on the poorer members of society…

I felt it was time to do something, but this was rather frustrating because of my age and family situation, there is…

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There is not always blood

There is not always blood

(This poem is deeply inspired by an artwork with the same title by Sonja Benskin Mesher (artist and poet from Wales, UK) published a few days ago in I am not a silent poet. 01-there-is-not-always-blood

The piece is also indebted to a poem of Jacques Prevert called Lorgue de barbarie/Barrel organ for its use of barrel organ.)

There is not always blood

They played barrel organ in Paris
Blood on the shirt from that night
You all stand good-side-up
A voice against
The night that plays knife
Barrel organ in Paris
Can’t enslave our minds
There will be always blood

I don’t want to talk to you about Garissa
Nobody in town knows what it is
Even Garissa makes mistake her name for a crushed bird
Let go
I don’t want to talk to you about Beirut
If deaths are stacking up on that horizon
Let go
The land never turns just enough flat
Or else you could see the bodies do bleed in the streets of Beirut
Let go
There is not always blood

If the bruised streets of Paris
Keep calling to your mind
Just tell the wind
The blood has never dried up


Thank you.