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Epiphanies & Late Realizations of Love Anthology

Really honoured to be included in this fabulous anthology! Song & the bottom of the root featured in this collection is a rare poem of mine that I somehow still don’t dislike. My sincere thanks to Claudine Nash & Transcendent Zero Press for such honour! If you are inclined, here’s the Amazon link : Epiphanies & Late Realizations of Love

Anthology · Published poems

No Tribal Dance

Today, my poem “wings rotting on the roots” appears in an exciting anthology of poems of wanderlust, loneliness & alienation called No Tribal Dance (March 20, 2017). It’s a honor to thank the editors Matt Duggan & Andi Langford-Woods for including me in this cool pamphlet alongside work by Jason Jackson, Lesley Merrin, Alison Jones, John Caulfield, Belinda Rimmer, Paul Dyson, Simon Leake, Douglas Karson, David Atkinson, Tom Sastry,  Heath Brougher, Oscar Kolkowski, Steven Bruce, Fran Smith, Dominic Fisher, Helen Sheppard, Sam Smith, Hazel Hammond, Bryn Fortey, Jane Burn Storybook Art, Jody Redmires-Smith, Angela Brooks, Des Mannay, Michal Yankowski, Tim Burroughs, Catherine Edmunds & Andy Brown.

Today at The Cross Hands pub situated in Fishponds, Bristol at 8.15 pm No Tribal Dance comes alive! I will post the poem  once the pamphlet crosses the Atlantic.


Anthology · Published poems

No Country for a Jew

I would like to thank Janet Kuypers for including my work “No country for a Jew” in Scars Publications 2016 anthology : The Chamber. “No country for a Jew” first appeared in Down in the Dirt magazine (February 1, 2016). I am also very delighted to find some of my friends’ work included in this 420 pages awesome collection of prose, poetry & art. Cheers A. S. Coomer, Ken Allan Dronsfield, & have a wonderful & prolific 2017!

Click here to read my poem : No Country for a Jew

Check out the collection here : The Chamber which is available on Amazon

Thanks everyone!

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Apple Fruits of an Old Oak

I am very honored & happy to have ten poems featured in a lovely anthology called Apple Fruits of an Old Oak. This collection edited by Soodabeh Saeidnia includes short poems, haiku & micropoetry of 31 international poets (mostly from North America, UK, Australia, Egypt, Iran, India, Bangladesh) & the work of 4 Canadian and Iranian photographers. My heartfelt thanks to Soodabeh Saeidnia for letting me be a part of this wonderful project.

You can pick up your copies at Amazon : Apple Fruits of an Old Oak

Below is the list of my poems included in the anthology :

Between root & wings


Happy birthday 

I stayed with you when it was dark 

On a hook

Scent of yesterday-today-tomorrow

Waiting town 

A page turn 

Frost in the eyes of a refugee woman

Orlando : Guns & roses


Thanks everyone!

Anthology · Published poems


Recently, to celebrate the International Day of Peace Praxis Magazine Online has published, in partnership with 100,000 Poets for Change, a collaborative poem comprised of more than 250 segments contributed by #poetsforpeace from around the world.

I am really honored and proud to have been a part of this collaborative anthology Peace Poem, 2016. I would like to thank Anita Lubesh for the heads-up. And my special thanks to  the project curators M. Zane McClellan, Neha Dasgupta-Parmar, and Marie Lukasik Wallace for including my poem Nice, Bastille Day 2016 (pp.154-155). This amazing collaboration will be archived in the Stanford University Archive of the 100,000 Poets for Change collection!

Click here to download & read : Peace Poem, 2016

You can also read my poem on I am not a silent poet where it first appeared.

Thanks everyone!


Anthology · Published poems

Voice of Monarch Butterflies

I am thrilled to have been featured in an engaging anthology called Voice of Monarch Butterflies which brings together the work of ten different displaced poets who are originally from different countries, from Ganges to Nile (Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan,  India & Bangladesh). My immense gratitude to the editor Soodabeh Saeidnia for including thirteen poems of mine in this unique collection. If you are inclined to hear the voice of migratory butterflies, here is the link to get a copy : Voice of Monarch Butterflies


Below is the list of my featured poems:

Song and the bottom of the root (p.35)

Delirium (p.36)

Point of no return (p.36)

If nothingness was the beating heart of a frog (p.36)

The pretty secret of the butterfly (p.37)

Why do I care? (p.38)

Linear (p.39)

Lahore, Sunday, March 27, 2016 (p.39)

Doors in the eyes of a refugee child (p.40)

I’m a death baby (p.40)

Hashtag : Chibok, April 14, 2014 (p.41)

Telescope and night ornaments (p.42)

Untitled (ekphrastic poem) (p.97)


Thank you!


Leaving My Shadow: A Tribute to Anna Akhmatova

Thrilled & honored to have my poem I won’t come home again selected for inclusion in a tribute anthology to Anna Akhmatova called Leaving My Shadow. My humble and deepest gratitude to the editor Trina Gaynon for letting me be a part of this anthology which will feature a ton of excellent work including poems & essays celebrating the power of Akhmatova’s  voice.

Click here to read the poem originally appeared in The Bitchin’ Kitsch November 2015 issue (pp. 24-25) : I won’t come home again

To learn more about this print anthology click on the caption of the image below :

Anna profile and shadow
Leaving My Shadow: A Tribute to Anna Akhmatova

Thank you!