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Four poems at Erbacce Magazine

I am grateful & honored that the editors at Erbacce Press (Liverpool, UK) liked four of my poems from the Erbacce Poetry Contest 2016 enough to include in their latest issue (46). These poems, Daisy, On a hook, Song & the bottom of the root, & Telescope & night ornaments, had been longlisted for the contest. I was not aware they would be published  in their print magazine. So when I received the magazine featuring my work alongside that of some fine poets from different corners of the world, I was really surprised & delighted. Thanks again Alan Corkish & Andrew Taylor.

Click here to read the poems : Daisy , On a Hook, Song & the bottom of the root, & Telescope & night ornaments

Note:  Song & the bottom of the root was first published in The Curly Mind on January 23, 2016Telescope & night ornaments was first published in The New Verse News on March 26, 2016. And I have added here a more recent version of the piece Daisy.

Thank you!

Published poems


Big thanks to James Penha, editor at The New Verse News for featuring my work. I am very pleased and honored to see my poem, Doors in the eyes of a refugee child, posted atop the magazine’s website today (March 9, 2016). Since 2005, the magazine (US) is presenting  almost every day politically progressive poetry on current events and topical issues, large & small, international & local.

Click here to read the poem: Doors in the eyes of a refugee child

Thank you.