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Voice of Monarch Butterflies

I am thrilled to have been featured in an engaging anthology called Voice of Monarch Butterflies which brings together the work of ten different displaced poets who are originally from different countries, from Ganges to Nile (Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan,  India & Bangladesh). My immense gratitude to the editor Soodabeh Saeidnia for including thirteen poems of mine in this unique collection. If you are inclined to hear the voice of migratory butterflies, here is the link to get a copy : Voice of Monarch Butterflies


Below is the list of my featured poems:

Song and the bottom of the root (p.35)

Delirium (p.36)

Point of no return (p.36)

If nothingness was the beating heart of a frog (p.36)

The pretty secret of the butterfly (p.37)

Why do I care? (p.38)

Linear (p.39)

Lahore, Sunday, March 27, 2016 (p.39)

Doors in the eyes of a refugee child (p.40)

I’m a death baby (p.40)

Hashtag : Chibok, April 14, 2014 (p.41)

Telescope and night ornaments (p.42)

Untitled (ekphrastic poem) (p.97)


Thank you!