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Two poems at The Skinny Poetry Journal

Countless thanks to Truth Thomas for featuring two of my poems, “rivers to run” & “Wall” in The Skinny Poetry Journal (January 27, 2017). TSPJ is a Washington, D.C. based unique literary journal dedicated to the Skinny poetry form :

Skinny is a short poem form consisting of eleven lines. “The first and eleventh lines can be any length. The eleventh and last line must be repeated using the same words from the first and opening line (however they can be rearranged). The second, sixth, and tenth lines must be identical. All the lines in this form, except for the first and last lines, must be comprised of ONLY one word. The point of the Skinny, or Skinnys, is to convey a vivid image with as few words as possible. Skinny poems can be about any subject. They can also be linked, like Haiku, Senryu or Tanka.”

Click here to read : “rivers to run” & “Wall”

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Published poems

kyrie eleison or robins taken out of context

My poem “kyrie eleison or robins taken out of context” is up today at Algebra of Owls (January 23, 2017), a wonderful venue I regularly read for its moving work. Huge thanks to the editorial staff for featuring my poetry in this Yorkshire (UK)-based poetry e-zine publishing “engaging, accessible poetry from around the world on an almost daily basis”.

Click here to read : kyrie eleison or robins taken out of context

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No Country for a Jew

I would like to thank Janet Kuypers for including my work “No country for a Jew” in Scars Publications 2016 anthology : The Chamber. “No country for a Jew” first appeared in Down in the Dirt magazine (February 1, 2016). I am also very delighted to find some of my friends’ work included in this 420 pages awesome collection of prose, poetry & art. Cheers A. S. Coomer, Ken Allan Dronsfield, & have a wonderful & prolific 2017!

Click here to read my poem : No Country for a Jew

Check out the collection here : The Chamber which is available on Amazon

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Published poems

where thy feet may fall

Many thanks to Roxana Nastase, editor of Scarlet Leaf Review for including “after the steep climb“, “ballad of an overturned canoe” & “Birobidzhan or one day in the life of Jose Maria” in its December 2016 issue (December 15, 2016). Once again my poetry has been beneficiary of her attention & faith. Please check out & support this online literary journal published from Toronto (Canada) which continues to have my abiding appreciation.

Click here to read : after the steep climb, ballad of an overturned canoe & Birobidzhan or one day in the life of Jose Maria

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