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one illusion against another foretells a darkness

Pleased to be featured again at the fabulous Duane’s Poe Tree (April 23, 2018)! My sincere thanks to Duane Vorhees for publishing my poem “one illusion against another foretells a darkness” and his commentary about the primary contextual field of the poem in the accompanying note. And he does it so often! I wonder how! No wonder his site won the International Reuel Literature Prize for 2017 under the category of “Best Blog for 2017″ for supporting the works of the poets in the literary world.

Click here to read:  one illusion against another foretells a darkness

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Published poems

how long would it take for the braille to shine

Pleased to have had my poem “how long would it take for the braille to shine” featured in a unique artist-run journal The Apache Poetry Blog operated from Sweden (February 21, 2018). Each poem inked in the journal is accompanied by an illustration that conjures the evocative abstractions of the poetic piece. Many thanks to artist & editor Janne Karlsson for this honor!

Click here to read: how long it would take for the braille to shine

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