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Glad to have three of my poems (“threaded back”, “oblivious” & “India journal”) featured in the latest issue (July 2017) of The Wagon Magazine. Many thanks to editors Krishna Prasad & Dibyajyoti Sarma.

Note: K, Kushal Poddar, the amazing poet from Kolkata, may have played a part in the piece “India journal” (that was my intended title). And “oblivious” has its roots in Kafka.

Click here to read : threaded back, oblivious, India journal

Thanks everyone!

Published poems

Notice to rebroadcast & other poems

The new issue (14) of Posit is out which includes three of my poems : “Notice to rebroadcast“, “dictionary of polarity” & “a woodwind dampers or a sweetened slash“. My sincere thanks to editor Susan Lewis for featuring my work.

Click here to read the poems : Notice to rebroadcast, dictionary of polarity, a woodwind dampers or a sweetened slash

The pre-publication sales of my forthcoming chapbook kyrie eleison or all robins taken out of context will end on July 7th. So if you are planning to buy a copy please do it now!

Here’s the link : kyrie eleison or all robins taken out of context

Thanks everyone!


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No Tribal Dance

Today, my poem “wings rotting on the roots” appears in an exciting anthology of poems of wanderlust, loneliness & alienation called No Tribal Dance (March 20, 2017). It’s a honor to thank the editors Matt Duggan & Andi Langford-Woods for including me in this cool pamphlet alongside work by Jason Jackson, Lesley Merrin, Alison Jones, John Caulfield, Belinda Rimmer, Paul Dyson, Simon Leake, Douglas Karson, David Atkinson, Tom Sastry,  Heath Brougher, Oscar Kolkowski, Steven Bruce, Fran Smith, Dominic Fisher, Helen Sheppard, Sam Smith, Hazel Hammond, Bryn Fortey, Jane Burn Storybook Art, Jody Redmires-Smith, Angela Brooks, Des Mannay, Michal Yankowski, Tim Burroughs, Catherine Edmunds & Andy Brown.

Today at The Cross Hands pub situated in Fishponds, Bristol at 8.15 pm No Tribal Dance comes alive! I will post the poem  once the pamphlet crosses the Atlantic.